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Lentils and Einkorn Pasta

Lentils and Einkorn Pasta vegan meal

Lentils and Einkorn Pasta are a great protein combination

Lentils and Einkorn Pasta provide a good complement of amino acids and thus protein. The organic French green lentils we provide are quicker to cook than other types of lentils  like brown or green lentils.

We use Einkorn Pasta as it is based on an ancient form of wheat and has been less genetically modified. Some people who can't eat wheat find that they can tolerate it better. It is best to soak the lentils for around half an hour to make them more digestible.

The six Ayurvedic tastes in this meal

In this dish, there are all six Ayurvedic tastes. Ghee and einkorn pasta provide the sweet taste and the spices provide the bitter and pungent tastes. The lentils are astringent in taste. A squeeze of lemon provides the sour taste.

It goes well with these vegetables...

This is a great dish to include mediterranean vegetables that are in season. For example, you can air-fry asparagus or sweet red peppers to go with it. Or you can simply add vegetables like zucchinis to the lentils and rice as they cook. If you are in a hurry, simply cook some greens or fresh basil to add with it. These only takes a couple of minutes to cook.

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