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Ayurvedic Delivery FAQ

What if the people eating the food have different body types?

Our Ayurvedic Delivery base meal kits suit all body types. But you can purchase some extra spice kits to suit your body type to put on the meals after they are cooked to cater for specific body types.

Or if you are all commuting, you can cook using our "Thermos Method" and vary the spices and veggies in each thermos to suit their body-type.

Or if you are baking the dish, you can sprinkle different spices and put different fruits/veggies on each portion of the baking tray to suit each person’s body-type.

What if I am dual or tri-body type (e.g. Pitta-Kapha or Vata-Pitta-Kapha)?

Our base meals suit all body types. But we give you some extra spices to put on the meals after they are cooked to cater for specific body types. Ask an Ayurvedic consultant which body type you should favor the most and let us know that. Or if you can't do that, try and focus on favoring the one that is for this season. Vata: Late autumn and winter. Pitta: Summer and early autumn. Kapha: Spring. We also try and make our base meals suit the season while still being fine for all body types and we give you extra spices for that season if you don't specify that you want to favor a specific body type.

Isn't Ayurvedic food the same as Indian food?

Although some of our dishes are from India, we also aim to include dishes from other countries to add to the variety. And our dishes are very different from what a lot of people are currently eating in India because we don't have any chili in them. Chili isn't even native to India. We try and include foods indigenous to the USA when we can.

What about salt?

Because salt is one of the six tastes, we do include a little salt in most meals. But the salt we include is far less than what you see in most recipes or in most restaurant food. We vary the type of salt (e.g. iodized sea salt, Himalayan pink salt or black salt) depending on the dish. You can always add a little more at the table if you really need it. But keep in mind that too much salt is not good for Pitta or Kapha body types or for people with heart conditions.

What about nuts?

Nuts are only good for Vata body-type, so we don't include them. We only include sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. You can certainly add your own nuts, but keep in mind that they should be cooked to make them more digestible.

Why ghee?

Ghee is best because it doesn't go rancid. Ghee is good for all Ayurvedic body-types.

Ghee is optional (you can use your own oils instead if you want).

Later we hope to also add fresh oils pressed each week to ensure no rancidity.

What are the Ayurvedic rules about milk, yogurt and honey?

Milk should only be eaten with grains and fruits. It shouldn't be eaten with vegetables or with a main meal. It is best heated rather than being consumed cold.

Yogurt is different. It can be added to vegetables and to a main meal. When mixed with water as a lassi, it can help digestion. But yogurt and other curds like cheese should not be eaten at night.

Honey should never be heated.

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