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Why Is Our Ayurvedic Vegan Cooking Course The Best?

A number of our competitors have started to offer some vegan meal kits, but there are many reasons why they are often lacking in true value. Our Ayurvedic Vegan Cooking Course is vegan friendly because if you simply use vegetable oils instead of ghee, all our recipes are vegan.

Protein is important for vegans

We aren’t rabbits. We aren’t just happy to live on salads. Often the vegan meal kits our competitors supply don’t take into account the protein needs of vegans. For example, dishes like udon noodles and vegetables are fun, but they lack a protein source. Or they include highly processed meat substitutes which are far from healthy.

Worse still, some are essentially just mailing you frozen meals. The food has lost all of its “Prana” – life-force – by the time it reaches you.

We provide high protein vegan recipes in our Ayurvedic Vegan Cooking Course that are easy to prepare and tasty too.

Sugar, salt and fats shouldn’t be the main focus in vegan meal kits

Unlike restaurants, we don’t fill our recipes with lots of salt, sugar or fat.

We make sure the vegan recipes include all six Ayurvedic tastes in each days meals: sweet, sour, salty, astringent, pungent and bitter.

Few modern meals include the bitter or astringent tastes and that’s why they often leave us feeling unsatisfied and craving more. It’s easy to overeat and put on weight because of this.

Legumes like red lentils or mung beans provide this astringent flavor. And we carefully select the right spices to add the bitter flavor. You can also add bitter melon if you want more, but it can be unpalatable if not prepared in the right way.

We tell you which fresh herbs and vegetables to add and how to prepare them so they have room to reveal their unique flavor and textures. For example, you might decide to add some fresh asparagus to a kitchari meal. It only takes 7 minutes to airfry in a good toaster oven.

We do recommend that you soak legumes and soak rice as it helps to improve their digestibility. But you can reduce the cooking time by carefully using a pressure cooker if you like. Sometimes you can also use a thermos to finish the cooking while you commute to work.

If you have any questions about our Ayurvedic vegan recipes, please contact us.